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S-VHS Format
Provides up to 400 lines of horizontal resolution

Adaptive Picture Control
Optimizes recording and playback circuitry to provide high quality recordings and playback

Hi-Fi Stereo Audio
Provides a superb 90dB dynamic range and a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz for high quality sound reproduction

Flying Erase™ Head
Provides noiseless insert/assemble editing. This especially useful when using the optional RM-250 editing controller

Synchro Edit Button
By connecting two SVO-2000s via Control-S simple editing can be performed without an RM-250. The Synchro Edit Button permits both units to be controlled from one VCR.

Dual Mode Shuttle Control (DMS)
The dual mode shuttle ring enables you to control slow motion playback, frame advance and picture search, in either forward or reverse direction. This ring will also control fast forward, rewind, play and stop functions.

Index Search
Specific programs on the tape can be located by using the Index Search function. Index points can be inserted and erased by using the supplied wireless remote commander.

Auto Repeat Playback
At the end of the program or tape, the SVO-2000 automatically rewinds the tape and restarts the program from the beginning.

Auto Head Cleaner
Each time a tape is loaded or ejected, a cleaning device automatically passes over the video heads. This helps prevent head clogging which could lead to deterioration of picture quality.

Key Inhibit Function
All function keys are deactivated to prevent accidental operation


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